Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday 31 October - Return to Ottawa

Heathrow Express is the easiest, no stress way to get to London Airport.  The formalities were completed quickly and we were left to our own devices in the duty free area.  There was a leisurely stroll to the departure lounge and an unhurried boarding.  The flight was uneventful - three movies.  Arrival at Ottawa was a couple of minutes early and we were home within 75 minutes of touchdown.

Click here to see all the pictures taken on this trip, organized into sets.

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  1. Good afternoon Collin

    I am an avid history buff from Powassan Ontario, near North Bay. A few months ago I was told of a locomotive that went off of a bridge under construction around the year 1886. The Northern Pacific Junction Railway was under construction from Gravenhurst to North Bay when they ran into problems in a swamp near the town of Trout Creek. You can see the old rail bed and the stone bridge abutments, but they changed the direction of the rail line, which still operates today.
    I had a look at your great collection of rail history on your web site, so I thought I’d write you and see if you happen to have any record of this incident. Apparently the locomotive is still in the swamp, which I would like to verify.
    Any help or advice you have would be appreciated.
    (sorry for contacting you this way, the e-mail link from your web page did not work)
    Jamie Toeppner