Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday 30 October - The Tate

We took advantage of the change of time to get a good  night's sleep.  The 436 bus took us to the Tate Gallery which was a disappointment.  The map that they sell you shows galleries with names such as "The Black Lines" or "Restless Times" without giving any indication of what they contain.  The pictures were placed on the walls in groups but the labels were artfully placed some way away so you had to walk across several paintings, read the labels and then walk back to see the picture.  The labels weren't very helpful.  We eventually found the Turners but I was disappointed to find that those I had wanted to see ("The Fighting Temeraire", "Rain, Steam, Speed") were in the National Gallery.
Millais - The Boyhood of Raleigh
We found a pub just around the corner and had a pint of Fullers London Pride and a packet of chili crisps, then back to the hotel to check in to Air Canada.

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