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Friday 14 October - Torino to Genova

Pictures posted 26 October

The bed was rock hard as was the pillow but we managed to get a reasonable sleep. The trams were running past until quite late. We had a good breakfast in the hotel and then walked over to the Porta Nueva railway station where we found that day passes on public transport (trams, buses and Metro) cost 3 euros 50. This is a great deal. We decided to explore the main north south route (No. 4) to see what there was. We went out quite some way and decided to take a look at the market and the Duomo.

The No. 4 trams all have conductors who check tickets frequently. Expect to have your ticket inspected at least twice on each trip. They check whether a ticket has been stamped in the machine and also the period of validity. Transgressors were given a hard time.

The market is the largest outdoor market in Europe. Even conkers were on sale presumably to be boiled and eaten like sweet chestnuts. There was lots of sausage, cheese, meat, fruit, vegetables, spices, olives etc.

We overshot the Duomo on the return into the city and went a way south along a stretch of the No. 4 tram route which is on a separate reservation and with left hand running. The Duomo is in good condition and we were surprised to find out that the Shroud is actually stored in a large box there.

We walked through the Palace Square and then back towards the station stopping for lunch at L'Infernot:
Proscuito e melone/mixed salad
Agnolotti (stuffed with meat and served with a brown sauce.
Warm peach and custard tart.

Bottle of Barbera d'Alba 2008 (local red).

It was excellent with good service and we have tried the local pasta – agnolotti. The gebts toilet was through a door marked “pus”. I stood for some time with my hands under the hot air drier waiting for it to start only to find out it was a paper towel dispenser.

Seen on a lamp post near a tram stop “Jesus is comming very soon.”
High speed train at Torinbo Porta Nuova.
We met Luciano in good time at the hotel and walked the short distance to the Porta Nuova station. The 1520 train left on time and was only some 5 minutes late into Genove Principale. The land is very dry and burnt looking as the rains have not yet come to this area. The journey was uneventful, our car didn't have air conditioning. We had a drink at the station and Luciano found a taxi driver who knew the routing for the ferry and we were able to board after only a short wait.

Our cabin was a great surprise. Bigger than we had feared, better than many hotel rooms and there was a sink with a shower, towels, soap etc. We went up to the lounge to have dinner and we left the berth precisely on time at 2000. The meal was pretty good for self service:
bocconcini y pomodoro/squid salad
Lasagna/penne with seafood
Bottle of white Sardinian wine from Monti.

We spent some time on deck watching the moon rise then turned in early as we have to be up early.

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