Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday 28 October - A visit to Woodhall Spa

The mini-English breakfast at the Advocate Arms hotel contained black pudding along with wonderful back bacon, egg, sausage, hash browns, tomato and toast.

The weather was very good today.  We had clear skies all day although there was a very heavy dew first thing.  We were out early and went to Woodhall Spa which is a small village planned as a Spa rather than as a country village supporting the surrounding farming communities. The sun took some time to clear the dew but the air smelt of the country - earthy and damp.  Many fields have been sown with winter wheat and here were many fields of sheep and also some cattle.  The views to the horizon in the clear air were very impressive.
Old railway right of way converted into a footpath.

There used to be a railway line through the village and we walked out along this and then through a large area of golf courses.  The grey squirrels were busy and we saw several robins and blackbirds.  There are a lot of ladybirds around this year.

The walk was very pleasant this late fall day and we stopped in at a cafe in the woods for a drink before continuing back to the village past a Kinema in the woods. There is a monument to the Dam Busters squadron in the centre of the village.
Kinema in the Woods
Floral arrangement at the Dam Busters' Monument
We had a drink and a snack (Directors Bitter, sauvignon blanc/jacket potatoes) in a pub in the village then walked along to a small museum which had a small display of 617 Squadron (Dam Busters) and some interesting exhibits illustrating the history of the village.  There are some interesting shops along Broadway, the delicatessen being an interesting visit - it had genuine old style pork pies.

A short ride brought us to the vast Petworth Hotel which was the Officers' Mess for the Dam Busters squadron.  It was a convalescent home during the first world war.  This is a very elite hotel which contained some excellent items relating to the Squadron.

A short ride brought us back to the Advocate Arms.  This is the same room we had on our last visit.  It is very well appointed and very comfortable.  Everything works and is well thought out.  The balcony is a pleasant little extra.
Gill and Brian came to dinner with us at the Advocate Arms hotel.  The food was excellent and the service was superb.  The place was very busy on a Friday evening but there were seven girls serving and the pace was pretty good.
Smoked duck breast/sardines/scallops
Terrine/shank of lamb/salmon
the desert and cheeses were also very good.
The Chianti Classico was passable

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