Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday 27 October - London to Market Rasen

The journey from London, Kings Cross to Market Rasen went very well.  East Coast Connect took us to Newark Northgate on time and there was but a short wait on the dreary Newark station for the single car to Lincoln and Market Rasen.  the only bad part was getting through the ticket barriers with all the world's cases, parcels, kids etc. before boarding the train at Kings Cross.  Complete chaos.

While waiting for the train at Kings Cross there was a pre-recorded announcement in stentorian tones:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be a test of the alarm system.  You do not have to take any further action".
This was repeated four times after which a bell could be heard very faintly. I doubt if very many actually heard it, and in any case it was completely ignored.  After this there was another announcement.
"Ladies and Gentlemen.  Thank you for your cooperation."
We presume this was to thank us for ignoring the alarm and not running round like chickent=s with our heads cut off.

Brian met us at the station with his usual cheery smile and we had a delightful afternoon over lunch which Gill had prepared - gammon marinaded and cooked in cider.  Gill made two deserts, a trifle and a lemon tart, everything was exceptional.

We checked in to the Advocate Arms hotel and were given the same room as last time No. 6.  It is delightful.  The hotel is celebrating its third birthday next week, it is a great asset to the village.

This evening Brian took me to see the model railway he and some friends are building - a good reproduction of the Market Rasen station and goods facilities.  After that we put the world to right over a pint at the Aston Arms.

I have made a reservation for dinner tomorrow evening.  Duck is on the starter menu.

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